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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

47% Sure that Everything Will Be Fine

In the space of a few days so much can change. Last week at this time, all any newscaster talked about was the crisis in the Mideast and Northern Africa. One disparaging film is released and it’s like the world is coming to an end.

            Now it’s like Mitt Romney’s world is coming to an end, and it’s also due to a different film being released from an anonymous source. (Although Carter's grandson admitted to helping.) Mitt Romney was caught on tape saying unkind things about 47% of the country’s population not paying income tax, and not taking responsibility for their lives. This has caused more than one pundit to declare Romney’s campaign dead in the water. I’m not convinced. It couldn’t be that easy. Still, Romney’s unauthorized comments were the best thing to happen in over a week.

            The second best thing to happen? I did finally get to speak, live, with Monty. He’s fine. He says there is no reason for him to come home, which is exactly what I knew he’d say.

            “Well, you’re in charge of calling your mother,” I said. “And tell her you wouldn’t listen to me even if I did tell you to come home.”

            “I’m not telling her that,” he said. “I’d listen. But it’s not like I’m on a pleasure cruise. This is my job. And there’s no threat to my safety.”

            Then Abby interrupted with a story about a cat we saw on a walk the other day, so the conversation switched focus. (It was a family Skype session.)

            This means I didn’t exactly get a chance to mention the unauthorized ten thousand dollars I took upon myself to lend to Monty’s brother, Jack.

            But if following the news has taught me anything, it’s this: There is only so long you can avert conflict. And important news has a way of making itself known.

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