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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do Mitt Romney and Harry Reid Tell Their Wives Everything?

It’s been an interesting week. We’ve actually spent more time watching the Olympics than the news. Seeing sweet Missy Franklin push and succeed is way more interesting than all the devious presidential politics that are the norm rather than the exception.

            But one story hasn’t escaped my notice. Harry Reid saying that “a source” told him that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years was hard to miss. While I don’t exactly condone Reid’s actions, I’m not up-in-arms about it either. I don’t think it’s the parallel to the birthers demanding Obama’s birth certificate, like Jon Stewart and Frank Bruni suggested. Obama provided his birth certificate, even though the whole situation was completely ludicrous. Romney continues to be evasive about his taxes. Why can’t he just release his tax returns? Probably because to do so would be more harmful to him than to not, and that speaks.

            When you’re running for president you have to be ready for full disclosure about every detail of your life. It’s not unlike being married. The act of keeping a secret becomes worse than the secret itself. That said, I’ve forgiven Monty for not telling me about travelling with Brook (full name Brooklyn) because another essential element of marriage is letting go of a grudge.

            “We don’t get that many chances to talk,” he said to me. “If it had occurred to me tell you about her, I would have. But she and I went to mostly separate meetings, and it’s not like we were hanging out in the evenings or anything. Why can’t you let this go?”

            So I decided I could let it go, and it was a lot more fun to kiss and make up than to continue being mad. Besides, I do trust my husband, and I expect that any secrets he may be keeping from me are fairly benign. We all keep secrets, but when is it necessary to accuse others of doing so?

            Harry Reid’s accusations picked up a lot of steam. Will there be truth underneath the spectacle?

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